Questions Re: Students Providing Updated Materials

I have heard from several Career Services Offices inquiring about their students’ ability to submit updated materials once they have received their second semester grades.

Unfortunately, the students will not have the opportunity to do this. Employers begin their review of student application materials immediately following the bidding deadline, and after the employers have gained access to resumes and transcripts, there is no way to submit updated documents to them.

The employers that participate in the Patent Law Interview Program are aware of the unique circumstances of our program that require rising 2L students to submit their resume and transcript containing only their first semester grades. Students are encouraged to bring updated documents in hard copy if they are selected for any interviews at the program.


04.15.13 Email to Students — Researching Employers

To: Students Participating in the 2013 Program

From: Loyola Patent Law Interview Program Staff

Subject: Researching Employers

Date: April 15, 2013

Earlier today you should have received a username and password for the Patent Symplicity system. When you log on, after you have updated your profile and uploaded a resume and unofficial transcript, you will have the option to bid on the employers interviewing your class year. All bidding options for your class will appear on the Employers/Bidding tab on the Patent Program page.

In order to decide how to bid, you will want to research the employers available for you to bid on. The bidding deadline is May 2, so you have plenty of time to research the employers and make the most of your 32 bids. Please note that the resumes packets the employers receive are in alphabetical order, and do not note the date of the bid. So, you do not gain an advantage by being the first to bid on an employer, and the order in which you make your bids does not matter.

You should do your employer research on the Patent Program page, not the Employers page. The filters on the Employers page have not been customized for our program and will not produce meaningful search results. Also, please note that all employers participating in the program will appear on the Employers page, while only the employers interviewing your class year will appear as bidding options on the Patent Program page. Accordingly, doing your research on the Patent Program page will ensure that all employers you identify as good matches will be available for you to bid on.

On the Patent Program page, the first tab you will see is the Employers/Bidding tab, where all of your bidding options are listed. On this tab, there is a Search Filters box on the left hand side of the page. In the Search Filters box, there is a link for Additional Employer Filters. If you click on this link, you will see four search options: State, Date, Acceptable Credentials, and Keywords.

STATE: The State filter will allow you to search employers by location. Choose any state to see employers interviewing for offices in that state. However, please note that we have many Firmwide employers – employers interviewing for all of their offices on one interview schedule. These employers are not coded in the system by state. In addition to any state searches you do, you will want to do a search of Firmwide employers, and look on those employers’ websites to identify the office locations you might be interested in. Firmwide is an option on the State dropdown menu – so be sure to include it in your state searches. Please also note that there are a few employers who organize their schedules by practice area, and not by state. These employers will not show up in state searches, so be sure to review the entire list of employers interviewing your class year in addition to doing location searches with the State filter.

DATE: The Date filter will allow you to search employers by the date they are interviewing. If you will only be able to participate in the program on one of the interview days, this filter will allow you to narrow your search to just the employers interviewing on that day.

ACCEPTABLE CREDENTIALS: When the employers registered for the program, they were given the option of specifying the technical backgrounds they were interested in. These technical backgrounds are searchable in the Acceptable Credentials filter. Please note that some employers selected all backgrounds, and others did not select any. Both All and None Specified are search options on the dropdown list under Acceptable Credentials, so you will want to include these terms in any searches you do with this filter.

KEYWORDS: The Keywords filter will search the employer names as entered on the system. You can use this filter to search employers by name. You can also use this filter to search for employers by city – but it will yield search results only if an employer is identified by a specific city in our system. Note again that we have many Firmwide employers that are not listed by city, and also that some employers use broader designations, such as California Offices, rather than specific cities.

The employers will appear in alphabetical order. If you want to sort the employers by a given letter of the alphabet, there is an alpha list on the right hand side of the Employers/Bidding page. Click on any letter on the alpha list to see employers that begin with that letter. To return to the full list, click on the [all] option at the end of the alpha list. Please note that the search filters will interact with the alpha list – if you have chosen a certain letter on the alpha list, when you use the search filters you will only see employers matching your search criteria that also begin with that letter.

Next to each employer bidding option on the Employer/Bidding tab on the Patent Program page, you will see a Review button. Click on this button to see more information about the employer.

On the Review page you will see additional information about the employer – whether or not they require applicants to be Patent Bar eligible; what technical backgrounds they selected as Acceptable Credentials; their hiring criteria; and the documents they want selected candidates to bring with them to interviews. Note that different offices of the same employer may be seeking different backgrounds, have different hiring criteria, etc.

The employer’s website will also be listed on this page. We recommend that you review the employers’ websites to learn more about their various offices and practice areas.

Several employers have made special requests regarding how to place your bids for their firms. These requests are included in the “Hiring Requirements” section of each schedule and are also listed on the Symplicity homepage. Additionally, this document contains the list of employer special requests.

Please direct any questions about which employers your background best suits you for, the various areas of patent practice (e.g. Litigation v. Patent Prosecution), what your bidding strategy should be, etc. to the Career Services office at your law school.


04.15.13 Email to Students – Symplicity Instructions

To: Students Participating in the 2013 Loyola Patent Law Interview Program

From: Loyola Patent Program Staff

Subject: Program Information and Symplicity Instructions

Date: April 15, 2013

You are receiving this email because you registered for the 2013 Loyola Patent Law Interview Program. We have many great employers coming to Chicago who are eager and excited to meet and interview Patent Law students from across the country.

This year’s program is scheduled for Thursday, August 1 and Friday, August 2 at the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown-Lakefront at 511 N. Columbus Drive.

This email confirms your registration for this year’s program, but you will not be scheduled for interviews at the program unless you follow the instructions in this email to apply for interview slots and are selected for interviews by your preferred employers.

All interviews are scheduled through the Patent Symplicity online system at (note that this is a separate system from any Symplicity system your law school may use, and you will have a different username and password for this system). You will receive your Symplicity username and password in a separate email later this morning. Symplicity will allow you to view information about participating employers, upload your resume, apply for the employers with whom you would like to interview, and update conflict information that would prevent you from scheduling an interview. Once the participating employers have chosen the students they wish to interview, all interview schedules will be available on Symplicity as well. Last year, slightly less than half of the registered students received at least one interview, with many students receiving multiple interviews.

Do not make any travel plans until you know whether and when you have been scheduled for interviews. Final interview schedules will be available on Symplicity on June 28. Please do not make travel plans until this date, as interview schedules are subject to change until that time.

Once you know your interview schedule, make sure your travel plans allow time for you to register at the Embassy Suites hotel either the night before or the morning of your interviews. Students who do not register at the Embassy Suites Hotel the night before or the morning of their interviews will forfeit their interview slots for the entire day. Students who have not registered by 8:30 am on Thursday, August 1 will have all of their Thursday slots given to alternates; students who still have not registered by 8:30 am on Friday, August 2 will have all of their Friday interview slots given to alternates.

Student registration will be held at the interview hotel on:

  • Wednesday, July 31 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm,
  • Thursday, August 1 from 7:30 – 8:30 am and from 5:00 – 7:00 pm,
  • Friday, August 2 from 7:30 – 8:30 am.

Students need only register once on-site to be considered for interviews on both days. Registration must be made in person, by the interviewee, and no exceptions to the registration requirement will be made.

If you are chosen as an alternate by any employer, you will also want to schedule your travel plans to allow you to be present in the registration room at 8:30 am each interview day for alternate scheduling. If any interview slots open up as a result of no-shows on the day of the interviews (which often happens), we will call out the names of the alternates chosen by those employers until we find an available student to fill the slot. To be eligible to be scheduled for the interview slots resulting from no-shows, you must be 1) selected by the employer as an alternate, and 2) present in the registration room at 8:30 am on the day of the interviews to accept the open interview time. Please arrange your travel plans accordingly.

April 16: Students may log into Symplicity to view employers and their hiring criteria, and to bid on the employers with whom they would like to interview

May 2:
Deadline for students to bid for interviews

June 24: Initial interview schedules will be available on Symplicity

June 24-June 26: Interview cancellation period

June 28: Final interview schedules will be available in Symplicy with alternate students scheduled into open interview slots


Logging Into Symplicity
To log in to Symplicity:

1. Go to

2. Enter the username and password you will received via email on April 15.

Updating Your Profile
Before you can view and bid on employers, you must update your profile. To update your profile:

1. Click on the Profile tab at the top of the page.

2. A new set of tabs will appear below the first set. Click on the Personal Information tab and confirm that all of your contact information is correct.

3. Click on the Academic Information tab. Update the Technical Background field with the substantive area that most closely matches your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Note: If you are graduating from a JD program in May/June 2015 or December 2014/January 2015, you will be categorized as a 2L for the Patent Law Interview Program. If you are graduating in May/June 2014 or December 2013/January 2014, you will be categorized as a 3L for the Patent Law Interview Program.

Uploading Your Resume & Unofficial Transcript
Once you have updated your profile, you will be able to view the employers available for bidding under the Patent Program tab. However, the “Apply” button that allows you to bid on interviews will not appear until you have uploaded at least one resume and one unofficial law school transcript to the documents tab.

1. Click on the Documents tab.

2. Click on Add New in order to upload a new document.

3. Give the document a label (i.e. Jones, Bob Resume).

4. Click the Browse button, and find the document that you wish to upload. Double click on the file name so that it appears in the blank field. You can upload Word documents and Symplicity will convert them to pdf format. Please do not upload documents that have already been converted to pdf format — the security settings may prevent these documents from being included in the resume packets the employers download. Upload Word documents and allow Symplicity to convert them.

5. Click Submit. A pop-up box will tell you that the file is uploading, and the pop-up box will disappear when the file has been successfully uploaded. This can take some time – especially if many students are logged on to the system. Please be patient and wait for the upload to finish.

6. Once the resume has uploaded, you will see a pdf icon for the resume in the View column.  Click on this icon to view the resume as uploaded.  Be sure that your resume uploaded and converted to pdf correctly before you associate it with any bids!

You may upload multiple resumes. Every resume you upload will be available to submit when you apply for interviews. Some employers have requested cover pages on the resume. For these employers, you will want to create a two page document with the cover page first and your resume as the second page. Be sure to name each resume something unique so that you can tell your resumes apart when bidding (e.g. Jones Day Resume).

After uploading your resume(s), follow the same steps to upload your unofficial law school transcript. Symplicity will not allow you to upload documents larger than 200kb, so you may encounter problems if you attempt to upload a scanned copy of your transcript.

All students should include their GPA and Class Rank (if available) for their undergraduate/graduate institutions on their resume. Employers are very interested in this information; if you fail to provide it, employers may assume that your grades were too poor to include.

Applying For Interviews
Applying for interviews (also called bidding on interviews) is simple. To apply for interviews:

1. Click on the Patent Program tab.

2. In this section, you will see a list of all registered employers interviewing your class year, the office locations for which they are hiring, and their interview date(s). If an employer is not interviewing students from your class year, they will not appear as an available employer for you on the Patent Program tab. Currently, there are 250 bidding options for 2Ls, 72 bidding options for 3Ls and 19 bidding options for LLMs. These numbers may change as employers and office locations are added to the program.

3. You have 32 bids. Note that some firms have separate bidding options for different offices of the same firm. When you see a firm listed three times as Firm Name (New York, NY), Firm Name (DC), and Firm Name (Chicago), each of these is a separate bidding option, and each will use one of your 32 available bids. You can bid for more than one office of the same firm, and should bid for all offices in which you are interested. However, please review the individual firm instructions and the list of employer special requests on the Symplicity homepage before bidding — some firms instruct you to bid on your primary office of interest only.

4. Each bidding option will have a Review button in the left hand column. Click on the Review button in order to obtain more information about the potential employer including their hiring criteria and/or what documents you should bring with you if you are selected for an interview with them. Please note that different offices of the same firm may have different hiring criteria and request different documents. Be sure to check the information in the Review section for every office you intend to bid on.

5. Once you have clicked on the Review button, you will be able choose the resume you wish to submit to this employer, and click on the Apply button to bid on an interview.

6. Once you have entered a bid, the employer/office you have bid on will move to the top of your list, with a Withdraw button in the Bidding column rather than an Apply button. If you wish to remove a bid you have made, click on the Withdraw button.

Entering Conflicts
If you will not be available for interviews during the entire program (9:30 am to 5:15 pm on August 1 & 2) you can enter any conflicts preventing you from interviewing at certain times on the Class Schedules/Conflicts tab. To enter Conflicts:

1. Click on the Patent Program tab.

2. Click on the Class Schedules/Conflicts tab.

3. In this section, you will be able to indicate times in which you will be unable to interview. To block out a period of time, click on the box corresponding with the time during which you are unavailable. For example, if you will only be attending the program on Thursday, please block out Friday completely from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

NOTE: We strongly advise that you make yourself available for the entire program to maximize the number of interviews you can be scheduled for – some employers interview on only one day of the program.

Once the employers have selected the students they wish to interview, and the alternate students they want on their waitlist, interview schedules will be created on Symplicity.

On June 24, you will be able to see which (if any) employers have selected you for interviews, and which (if any) employers have selected you as an alternate. If, for any reason, you do not want any of the interviews you have been selected for, you can cancel some or all of your interviews. The interview cancellation period begins on June 24, 2013 and lasts until 5:00 pm (central time) on June 26, 2013. You are responsible for making all of your cancellations during this time period.

If, after viewing your interviews and alternate selections on Symplicity, you decide not to participate in the interview program at all, please send an email to withdrawing from the program. It is important that you send us this email rather than simply canceling all of your interviews. If you do not notify us of your intention to withdraw from the program, you might be scheduled for additional interviews if you have been selected as an alternate by any employer.

After the cancellation period, the canceled interview slots will be filled with students from the respective firms’ alternate lists. On June 28, 2013, students will be able to view their final interview schedule online under the Scheduled Interviews tab. These final interview schedules will include any interviews you have received as an alternate.

You may notice that there is a Resume Collect tab on the Patent Symplicity system. Every year, certain employers choose to collect student materials through a resume collect, rather than participating in the interview program itself. This document contains instructions for applying to Resume Collect Employers.

For more information about the program, you can check out our website at If you have any questions about the program not answered on our website, please contact the Patent Program Liaison in your school’s career services office. If your Patent Program Liaison is unable to answer the question for you, please ask them to contact us directly for more information.

Student Registration Update

Student registration for the 2013 Patent Law Interview Program will be closing on Monday, March 4th. Please keep in mind that we do not accept late registrations for our program! To register, please go to and follow the registration link to sign up online.

An email has been sent out this afternoon to a group of students who attempted to register for the program but did not successfully complete their registration. If you received this email, please follow the link above if you would like to register for the program.

Once you have successfully registered for the program, you will receive a confirmation email from our online registration system. Please check your junk mail/spam folder if you do not see this email in your email box, in case the email confirmation has been routed there by your spam filter. If you do not receive a confirmation email, then your registration has not been successfully processed.

Students with questions may contact the Patent Program liaison in their law school’s career services office.

Student Registration is Now Open!

Student registration for the 2013 Patent Law Interview Program is now open! We are accepting registrations online at Students graduating in 2015 (current 1Ls) and 2014 (current 2Ls) are eligible to register for the program.

Registration will be open through Monday, March 4. Please note that late registrations will not be accepted for the Patent Law Interview Program.

Questions? Contact the Patent Law Interview Program liaison in your law school’s Career Services Office.

Student Registration Opens on Monday!

This Monday, February 11th, will be the first day for students to register online for the 2013 Patent Law Interview Program. The registration site will open on Monday, and registrations will be accepted through Monday, March 4th.

This simple registration is just the first step in participating in the program.  Once you are registered, we will send you information about how to register in Symplicity, upload your resume and transcript, and bid on interviews.

Log Into Your Account

Law school liaisons: Once you have registered, you can log into your account to make changes by going to and entering the username & password that you created when you registered for the program.